Sunday, 28 October 2012

Rusted Iron Fence - Usual object Unusual shot

Rusted Iron Fencing Usual object unusual shot
Rusted Iron Fence

Subject : Rusted Iron Fence

Story behind the shot: One fine evening ,  I was sitting in the terrace and observing how the sky was and how the birds flew here and there. As my eyes moved towards the terrace fencing I just wanted to grab a shot of it in some unusual angle. Switching on my camera , I moved closer to the fencing and clicked a snap

What made me capture the image: The main objective behind capturing this photo was a mere attempt in presenting an ordinary daily life object in an interesting manner. Peeled off paint and half rusted bars of the fencing is the nature of the subject and the shot was aimed to highlight that attribute of the fence.


  1. Chipped paints and rust are the common evidence on how the iron fence served its purpose. It may not be an ideal subject, but the way it adorned the railings can make a real statement. It is not the beauty that a subject may bring, but the simple mark of its worth.

    1. Absolutely! Thank you Larry Cohen.