Friday, 26 October 2012

Fluffy seeds ready for dispersal by wind

Fluffy seeds ready for dispersal by wind - plant with many seeds
Seeds ready for dispersal

Subject : Flowers and plants - Fluffy seeds of a plant

Story behind the shot : I had to go to a nearby village in order to verify some statistical data . As I was walking through the streets , I saw this plant on a vast empty land that was filled with grass and plants similar to this one. This particular plant grabbed my attention and I wanted to take a photo of it . It was sharp noon and I knew I wouldn't be able to cross that place again that day. I didn't want to miss a good shot and regret later. So, in spite of harsh sunlight [ harsh sunlight desaturates and spoils the color of a photo ] I took a photo of this plant. This picture was taken at 12.14 PM .

What made me capture the image : The way the plant enclosed the seeds looked as if it formed a natural frame for the subject . The arrangement of the seeds and the fluffy white, tufted haired seeds on the top compelled me to capture this image. 

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