Sunday, 28 October 2012

Freeze the smoke !

Candle Smoke - Photography using flash
Candle Smoke
Subject : Smoke 

Story behind the shot: My first attempt at capturing smoke in a photograph.

Power cut at 10.30 PM . Result : 3 - 4 Candles were lit in every room of my house
  • f- stop : f/4
  • Exposure time : 1/2000 sec 
  • ISO - 100
Why did I use low ISO ? When there is only a little amount of light available the photo would turn out grainy and a higher ISO will only make it worse. Hence I used a low ISO for this shot.
What made me capture the image: I never knew that smoke could be photographed . The desire to try something new was the main reason for capturing this image. 

I was playing some kind of a " happy birthday to you " game with the kids in my house. As each candle was blown off I observed thick smoke from the wick rising above and mixing in the air. I felt an immense urge to make smoke as the subject of my photograph . I set my camera mode to TV [ shutter priority mode] and used my in built camera flash to freeze the smoke. 

Why did I use a fast shutter speed? Since smoke is constantly moving, a fast shutter speed is necessary to avoid any blur from being recorded. Any shutter speed from 1/200 sec and above will work well . Since it was my first try I used 1/2000 sec as my shutter speed. 

Smoke photographs when taken with creativity can be mystical and alluring. 

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