Sunday, 28 October 2012

Merry go round - At the beach

Merry Go Round - At the beach - Night - Slow shutter speed
Merry Go Round

Subject : Merry Go Round In Motion

Story behind the shot: This photo was taken for a photo competition. Theme - "Slow shutter speed"

This picture was taken at the beach at 8.20 PM . I planned to visit my aunt's house (which is near the beach). My aunt and I were walking towards the seashore . We spotted a merry go round few metres away from where we were standing. Suddenly the idea of taking a photograph of the merry go round ( for the competition ) struck me . I waited till the evening light was gone and set up my tripod . Click! The picture was shot.

  • f- stop : f/5.6 
  • Exposure time: 6 sec
  • ISO - 100

Why did I use a slow shutter speed? Using a slow shutter speed results in a photograph in which anything that moved in the scene is blurred in the photograph. Slow shutter speed was used to imply that the merry go round was in motion . Here the merry go round is blurred [ implying that it is in motion] whereas the stationary objects are in full focus. 

Why did I use low ISO ? This shot was taken in the night . So the amount of available light was very less . Using a low ISO will ensure that the photos are less noisy whereas a higher ISO will only make the photos more grainy. Hence I used a low ISO for this shot.

What made me capture the image: The Merry Go Round looked wonderful in the night lights. Moreover the way it moved round and round was graceful . The yellow colored lights against the black - brown background of the night looked ideal for a bright photograph.

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