Saturday, 27 October 2012

Dying Matchstick

A matchstick that is about to stop burning

Subject : Dying Matchstick

Story behind the shot: This photo was taken for a photo competition. The theme was fire and objects related to fire .
I lit the room with 10 candles; placed a match stick on an agarbathi stand and kept three or four paper plates far behind it [ To give an interesting yet not a distracting background for the photo].I burnt a matchstick and placed it horizontally behind the first matchstick. I lit the first matchstick and took a shot right at the moment when the fire was about to go off.

What made me capture the image: I wanted to capture that moment between the burning and the death of the matchstick . I placed a burnt yet glowing matchstick behind the subject to give the effect of fire as it was the theme and I had to have the orange - yellow color of the fire in my photograph.

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