Thursday, 27 December 2012

To be me is to be different...

centipedes - loneliness

Subject : To be me is to be different... 

Story behind the shot: Black centipedes are very common and I see them in hundreds near my house. This brown one stood different among them and that's when the idea of taking a shot of it struck me. This photo gives me two different yet connected feelings .. " To be me is to be different" and " I am alone " .

What made me capture the image : I switched on the camera to macro mode and focused on the brown centipede so as to throw the other ones out of focus. This implies the subject clearly. Now I think of an undeniable fact  - Being different from others might make us feel lonely. Still , we need to move forward like this brown centipede instead of letting ourselves down.

Have faith in yourself ! Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.
Have a happy day :)


  1. Do you have a special lens for macro shots or do you just do them with the standard 18-55mm lens? I have a nikon but would love to do macro shots but I can only get so close before I lose focus.

    P.S. Love the photos. I am a new photography hobby-er. lol

    1. I do not have any special lens for macro shots. In fact I just own a Point and Shoot camera where interchanging of lens is not possible.
      The camera that I use is Canon SX130 IS

      I use the macro mode in my camera when I want to get shots like the one above.By the way , what is the model number of your camera?

      Thank you . Your appreciation means a lot to me :)